Anyone achieving success in any field will tell you that every area of life and business requires Due Diligence at some level.

But here, Due Diligence is also a legal concept, relating to the EPA and SuperFund Site funding. And yes, it absolutely could negatively affect you and your company in the future. You are most likely “at risk” as you read this.

If a SuperFund Site occurs, and your company is found to be a supplier to that site, even if it was several steps down a chain of recyclers & handlers after it left your operation, your business could be liable for millions in fines (used to fund the clean-up).

So, what can your company do to prevent this potentially devastating economic and public relations nightmare? How can you protect, avoid and remove YOUR liability?

Thankfully, we have the SUPERFUND RECYCLING EQUITY ACT to now protect us. Problem over, right?                                                                                                                                    NO!                                                                                                                                                               SREA alone does not protect you.                                                                                                                 It only now allows you to do the Due Diligence necessary to protect yourself,                                             AND NOTE WELL                                                                                                                                     

IF A SUPERFUND SITE OCCURS,                                                                                        AND YOU WERE A SUPPLIER, SOMEWHERE DOWN THE LINE,                          AND YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING,                                                                                          IT’S TOO LATE FOR YOU!

Basically, IF you pay enough attention NOW to every aspect of your waste disposal operation, including the chain of possession, assessing all actions and handlers, from “cradle to grave”, and you document that research thoroughly and properly, then….

YOU ARE COVERED!                                                                                                                               Via SREA, the EPA “grants you a pass”!  If a SuperFund Site occurs, and you have performed your Due Diligence, they will not come after you for SuperFund damages to fund the clean-up.


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We have the experience, the custom templates, the training, and the mentoring                          to help you and your managers achieve the Due Diligence levels necessary                                   to avoid EPA and SuperFund liability. 

More questions? Ready to tackle your Due Diligence needs?                                                     Contact us today.