What kind of companies does PK&A serve?

We specialize in family businesses that have grown into small corporations, plus branch divisions and subsidiaries of larger corporations.

Can PK&A can SAVE me money?

Absolutely!  Environmental “mistakes”, non-compliance issues, fees and fines due to “regulation ignorance” are VERY expensive. And they often take years to resolve.

AVOIDING all of the above is the key. Calling us sooner rather than later is much cheaper.

Polley-Kane & Associates keeps you fully compliant and OUT of troubled waters.   And we are also there for you and fully qualified if & when you do “dip” into them.

Are you in trouble right now? call us!

And there’s one more way to save:  We are constantly on the lookout for ways you can become exempt from each regulatory obligation (AND the subsequent fees).

By pursuing each exemption, we constantly minimize your “environmental footprint”.

But the biggest savings is all the hours of worry, from being at the mercy of agencies beyond your control. At Polley-Kane & Associates, we work to get you on good terms with all agencies, because our overriding goal is your PEACE OF MIND.

Can PK&A handle any size job?

Our company’s continuing success is based on personal on-site one-on-one mentoring.

Major environmental cleanups may require contacts with other companies, of course, which we provide.   But your biggest needs are the on-going ones, the seemingly endless compliance issues that nag at you in week in, week out.

We provide client-customized programs for your weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual and multi-year obligations. We train your people to handle as much (or as little) of the work as you choose. We provide project ticklers for your non-routine work, and customize your routines with a Hazard Control Program to fit your exact operation.

We are also constantly on the lookout for ways you can become exempt from each regulatory obligation.

We bring you a broad and deep network of environmental service providers, covering everything from excavating polluted soils to improving your employees’ interpersonal environment at work.

What will PK&A services cost me?

Once the work has officially started, we bill a competitive hourly rate, with fixed fees available for individual projects and product services.

This can include your Air-Permits, Due Diligence Program, Storm Water Plans, Spill Plan (SPCC), and PBR Documentation.

All work is 100% guaranteed and fully approved by you in advance, with budget ceilings established for all stages of the projects.  And if you’re not satisfied, you don’t pay.

What if I want my people to do most of the work?

That can work, depending on your process. Call us to find out. There’s no charge for the initial call.

Most manufacturers need us by the time they have 30 employees, and most manufacturers decide to hire someone full time by the time they reach 500 employees.

However, everyone could use a “little bit” of us. The cost to get your full time EHS specialist “up to speed” on all rules is astronomical. Usually we can quickly tell him where he stands and which way he needs to move.

Even operations that have their own professionals can benefit from our customized Hazard Control Programs and an occasional P-K&A compliance review.

Still have questions?

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