Manager Mentoring is…

—guiding your people to do the work, instead of our staff doing it for you.

—saving you money! It gets you to train internally, now (soon) with a knowledgable manager      in-house/on-site!

At Polley-Kane & Associates, we have two types of clients.  One client says, “PK&A, take care of everything. Just keep me posted and make sure everything’s fine. No problems!”

And that’s fine. we can do that.

Other customers say, “No.  We want to do it ourselves, but we don’t know what to do”.

Here’s an issue that’s going to get you in trouble? we resolve that right now.

Here’s one that isn’t enforced, or maybe is not as high of a priority? VERSUS another one that the inspectors WILL focus on?

We guide you (your designated manager) through each and all….and then gradually, with each crisis, each report or filing, we do less and less. You and your managers build the confidence to say “Hey, we’ve got this one covered! Just “proof-read it” for us!”

The advantage and benefits or Manager Mentoring are many.

You currently put alot of pressure on your managers because, let’s face it, he/she already has alot to do. We come in to mentor and guide them as they learn.

“Whoa! your forgot THIS!”   “Oops! There’s an annual time-pressure deadline on THIS!”

So PK&A (kind of) acts like the conscience, reminding of the priorities that these legal obligations have over that manager’s normal quality control and safety obligations. This creates (or adds skill-sets to) an Environmental Manager, in-house, again saving you money.

In addition, if these already overburdened managers are unable to tend to the environmental issues, missing scheduled deadlines, obligations and environmental requirements….

…WHICH in the long run this can lead to fines and even the shutdown of your operation….

PK&A is there for you in those situations, to keep you out of trouble, or get you out of trouble.

We make sure your managers stay on top of all this, DOING the tasks when necessary, but always focused on the guidance and mentoring to help you achieve this status independently.